kitchen before + after

so, i've never been into posting the before and after thing.  however, lately i find myself looking at postings like this and grooving on them.  so here goes.  it's pretty darn fun to look back and remember what we started with.  These are the BEFORE.

so this kitchen was completely functional in flow so there was really no need to change the location of anything.  But my clients definitely needed an update that would show off the beauty they exude as people.  We replaced everything except the floor. New appliances, 2" marble countertops, beautiful fireclay tiles and rocky mountain hardware.  We can't forget to mention the GORGEOUS Ochre chandelier.  Here is the AFTER. Enjoy. 

belly up to the bar...

nothing better than grabbing a glass of wine and a seat at the counter while you chat with the cook.  lucky for me, when he's in town, my hubs does the cooking and I do the sitting.  so mucho importante is how the stool sits.  equally important is how it looks.  here is what i'm loving at the moment.  cheers!

basket round up

i dunno about you, but this ocd gal can't deal with clutter.  i live with 3 pack rats and it makes-a-me crazy.  the only sanity saver we can all agree on is baskets and bins.  thankfully a great accessory in any room for toys, blankets, magazines.  here are the ones i'm crushin' on at the moment.  

green is the new...

if you know me, you know i am usually a less color is more gal.  but right now, green is replacing black in my heart of hearts.  even thinking about designing my own kitchen in green.  time will tell, but green might be my new black.